Steeped In Purpose
       Finding Your Unique Flavor 

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My name is Erin E. McEndree. I'm a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach.

In November 2015, I came up to a wall in my life. I stopped doing everything I was doing. I stopped writing. I stopped blogging. I stopped reading my journals and devotionals. But, I didn't stop praying. I prayed and waited for God to show me the way over the wall. After several months of surrendering my will to God, He showed me the ladder. It was not an easy first step, but I knew if I wanted peace in my life, I had to take it and keep ascending where God was leading. 

God showed me a path that resonated with me because I realized it was what He has been showing me all along and it aligned with the personality God gave me. After much research and discussions with my husband and other coaches, I took a certification program through Life Purpose Coaching Centers International.

In 2016, I launched a Kingdom business called Steeped In Purpose: Finding Your Unique FlavorI am a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach who specializes in helping women immerse themselves in their purpose in every season of life. I lead women to discover their God-anointed flavor in life using their unique personality and assist them as they uncover personal blocks that soak up that flavor. I help women percolate on solutions and create action steps that help them permeate the world around them. I believe God gives us answers and comforting signs that let us know he is woking behind the scenes if we can just attune ourselves to look for them. 

Prior to launching her coaching business, I was involved in developing, facilitating and teaching at seminars for women; creating thought provoking blogs that focus on spiritual mindedness; teaching ladies bible class and freelancing for a local magazine. I have combined all my talents and expanded them though  my business, Steeped In Purpose. My soul’s mission is to help as many women as possible break their personal bonds, grow in the Spirit and live free using the unique personality God molded for them.

I have a Bachelor degree in Speech/Language Pathology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and a minor in child development. I have taught Speech Language Pathology, Special Education, Kindergarten and Pre-K.

My husband and I live on a farm in a small town in Texas with our two children and an array of farm animals.