Steeped In Purpose
       Finding Your Unique Flavor 

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Book Launch 

Small Town Girl: Stories of Success and Inspiration 

Erin E. McEndree lived in Lockney from 1977 to 1991. She shares how growing up in Lockney influenced and shaped her into the woman she is today in Chapter 3. 

These stories from women all across Texas will tug at your heart and inspire you.


Service 1

One-to-One Coaching  

After assessing your needs with my simple intake form, we can assess your needs. 

Enjoy unique conversation that helps you recognize God's purpose for your life. Find your spiritual gifts, goals and life contributions to glorify God. Includes, scripture reading, prayer, questions and challenges. All lessons followed up with action statements and encouragement.  

Service 2

2-Day Life Plan

The 2-Day Life Plan is an extensive, 16 hour program. I lead you through 10 modules to get a snap shot of every aspect of YOU. Modules include the many roles you play, your relationships, your desires, your motivation, your spiritual habits, your negative thinking, your mistaken thinking, surrender exercise, goal planning and action steps. 

On site only. 


Service 3

 Mature Up: Developing a Lasting Legacy of Love

This 8-Lesson program will challenge you to the core to unpack hatred, judgment and lies from Satan. It is difficult but not impossible. It will remodel, remold and remake your character so you can tell anyone, "I love you regardless." Need help becoming like Christ in your attitude towards difficult people, situations and the unknown? Learn seven levels of maturity, what pitfalls to look for an how to transform your character into one of unconditional love.

                                                                                          This session can also be an intense 8-Lesson Bible study as a group. 4-8 attendees 


Service 4 


Thirty minute mini session on the topic of your choice to enlighten you and help you see Biblical perspectives. These chip away at negative thinking patterns you want to rid yourself of. Re-shift your focus where you want to be. I'll help you make steps to get there and follow up with you to help you reach your desired outcome .

                                                                                            Example Topics:     

                                                                                         - Quitting vs. Perseverance 

                                                                                          - Impatience vs. Patience

                                                                                          - Fear vs. Courage

                                                                                          - Pride vs. Humility

                                                                                          - Anger vs. Love

                                                                                           Topics are endless


Service 5

Motivational Speaker: Finding Your Life’s Purpose 

Let's find the right topic for your group that optimizes the goal, focuses on the target and builds structure towards a successful shift in mindset. I help break through the worldly garbage to find the best in you to share to the world. Feel jubilating freedom and peace.